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  Telemarketing No Call List
Information for Consumers
Please Read The Following Important Information Before Filing a Telemarketing Complaint.

(1) Not all telemarketing calls are prohibited by the No Call law.

If you have signed-up your home telephone number on the No Call list most telemarketers will be prohibited from calling you.

However, the law includes exemptions which allow certain telemarketers to continue to call consumers on the "No Call" list. The exceptions include calls from:

  • Telemarketers who have a prior or existing business relationship with you.

  • Telemarketers who have received an express request from you to call.

  • Telemarketers with whom you have an existing debt or contract.

  • Telemarketers soliciting only donations for charities.

  • Telemarketers who call your business.

  • Political calls and telephone surveys or polls.
(2) You must include at least the following information:

  • Name of the telemarketing company that called you.

  • Telephone number of the telemarketing company that called you.
Unless we receive at least one of these items of information, we will be unable to identify the company in order to investigate your complaint.

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